Marketing & Business Strategy – What you Stand to Gain from Outside Facilitation


So you’re a business professional and you have strategic plans or at least ideas for plans.  But it’s hard to pull away from the demands of the day for an uninterrupted, deliberate, thoughtful, let’s look at our business in a strong light, kind of discussion.

Thinking about this seriously requires input from others…management, business development, and heaven forbid, the sales guys.  And sometimes the most insightful feedback comes from someone unexpected.

But how can you make it so this gathering doesn’t end up like the other meetings where each person or department is motivated to protect their own interests or choose sides?

Perhaps it’s time for an outsider to lead the discussion.  Someone not influenced by office politics or personal agendas.  A trained facilitator can bring clarity to the discussion, while maintaining focus and engaging all participants.

Now that’s an environment for creative and strategic thinking!

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