Make the Most of Corporate Charitable Giving – 4 Easy Steps

Giving back is a big part of our culture here in the Permian Basin.  Our local businesses generously give to community organizations without fail, even when economic times are less than favorable.  This area supports 7 times the non-profits as compared to other cities or MSA’s our size.  And the great thing is we all reap the rewards.

Here are some helpful ways for your company to make the most of charitable contributions.

  1. It’s okay to let people know

Telling people that you give to the community is not gloating, it’s leading by example.  People need to witness the act of responsible citizenship.  It’s okay to let others know, especially employees.  Someone in accounting might know that you purchased a table at the Crystal Ball, but others don’t unless you tell them.  Employees benefit from knowing they work for a compassionate company and they are more likely to get involved if they know about an existing connection.  Spread the gift of giving.

  1. Make it personal

Giving feels right when you’re personally connected.  Showing love to your employees is a great internal communication and employee retention strategy.  Who doesn’t want to work for a company that cares for what I care about and who makes my priority their priority?  Company matching is an effective way to send that message.  Sponsoring an employee’s son’s little league team, or funding cancer research in honor of a loved one is ideal.  Keep in mind that it’s good to have and keep employees that are community minded.

  1. Sign on Early

Events are popular fundraisers.  When a company commits to underwriting or purchasing tickets, the organization can use that as leverage to get other companies to do the same.  Not only are you helping the organization in their efforts to raise funds and gain momentum, you are the first to be recognized.


  1. Paid Volunteer Time = Professional Development

Volunteerism promotes integrity, teamwork and brings out the can-do spirit in all of us.  A team oriented community project could be just the thing to reenergize a sales team or develop new leaders within your organization.  Strengthen a relationship between coworkers by sending them to deliver meals on wheels for one hour each month.  Send young staff members to visit the elderly, or see how well your suits can problem solve when building a house on behalf of Habitat.  Now that’s professional development!

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